Better trading – with comdirects new ProTrader

As Germany's performance broker, comdirect helps its customers make quick decisions that pay off. Pro Trader, the customisable real-time trading platform, ensures no time is wasted when trading securities. Markets, custody accounts and open orders can be monitored in real time, and with up-to-date buy and sell prices from individual market players, the order book view (level II) provides even greater insight into what's happening in the market.

What makes the new Pro Trader special is that it combines first class functionality with ease of use, all at a very attractive price. We are therefore not only meeting the high level needs of active traders, but also offering novice traders an optimum platform. There's nothing else like it in the market to date.

Daniel Schneider,
Head of Brokerage at comdirect

The trading platform combines speed with depth of information. Users can access real-time push prices, news and charts and set up any number of watchlists. This gives them an overview of all of the price data in real time. Custody accounts and order books are also updated automatically within seconds. Users can customise the size, content and layout of the various panels, thereby eliminating the need to switch between screens. Easy navigation combined with drag & drop functions as well as a straightforward right click mouse menu make using the platform particularly simple and intuitive.

Once in ProTrader, there's no longer any need to input a TAN and orders can be executed with just one click. Individual shortcuts can be set up on the computer keyboard to additionally speed up trading.

The trading platform is available free of charge to every comdirect customer carrying out more than 15 trades a month.

> Video overview of comdirect ProTrader (German version)

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