Better investments – with tips from our experts

Everyone can make better financial investments: with the right portfolio of index and investment funds, equities and bonds, investors can exploit opportunities worldwide and diversify risk. We help our customers select the right products from the extensive range available.

We like it when customers make their own decisions. And we provide them with the core knowledge they need to do this.

Heike Schumann,
Product Manager – Investing

How do I choose the right fund? What risks lurk in "promising" investments? How can I avoid making the wrong investment? Our webinars for newcomers to investing in securities provide the answers to these questions. Our experts and guest speakers explain the different types of securities and use practical examples to illustrate how to place and hedge an order with comdirect for instance. There's also helpful information on special topics such as tax certificates. The participants watch the speakers live and can ask them questions.

The webinars are free for both existing and prospective customers. Recordings of earlier events can also be downloaded from our website at no charge.

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