Better financing – with comdirects building finance advice

Buying a house or an apartment is an important issue for bank customers. Most often this will be the biggest investment they ever make, and one that ties them to a bank long term. Such a decision is not taken lightly and requires a high level of trust. This is why we enable our customers to follow the advisory process every step of the way, so they can select the best offering together with their adviser.

As an independent intermediary, comdirect is able to source the best solution for each individual customer from over 250 providers, thereby creating a high level of market transparency and offering great terms and conditions. We also examine whether the respective financing project qualifies for a KfW subsidy scheme, which would permit the customer to apply for additional funding.

We support our customers every step of the way in the process to decide on the right building finance. Whether offline or online, our service is always personal.

Axel Hippmann,
Building Finance Adviser

In addition to the face-to-face local advice provided at our four offices in Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich, we offer an online live advice service. This allows the customer to view the adviser's screen, compare the best offerings together with the adviser and test out different variants. Customers can immediately see how changes in the term or redemption rate, for example, affect the interest rate. The process using video telephony is even more personal. The webcam enables the customer to see their adviser as they explain which financing partners would be suitable for the real estate project in hand, and the parameters that could be adjusted to produce better terms and conditions.

Directly after the consultation, the customer receives their personal financing concept with the latest terms and conditions. Naturally, comdirect also provides its customers with support during the loan application process and remains available as a contact partner when the funds are disbursed.

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