Better budgeting – with Personal Financial Manager

Rent, mobile phone bill, gym membership, dining out – keeping an eye on all those monthly expenses is hard work. Often the decision about what you can still afford or can manage without is based on gut feeling. Good earners in particular often slip into overdraft, as the comdirect Savings and Consumption Index shows. This situation can be avoided by using Personal Financial Manager.

comdirect is the first bank in Germany to offer this free tool, which facilitates individual budget planning. It enhances the attractive range of core features provided by our current account and card offering, through which we still gain the majority of our new customers.

Personal Financial Manager is a state-of-the-art budgeting book and an effective tool for better financial planning. It provides our customers with transparency and enables them to closely monitor their budgets.

Sabine Münster,
Head of Banking at comdirect

Personal Financial Manager automatically allocates all transactions posted to the comdirect current account to the corresponding categories – for instance, car, leisure or home – and presents the information as interactive charts.

If a desired category is not available, customers can make manual adjustments and create individual rules for the future. Transactions which can encompass several categories, for example a debit payment to a supermarket, can be readily apportioned. Cash expenditure can also be allocated manually to the categories.

In addition, monthly budgets can be set for the individual categories, and compliance with these limits is tracked over the course of the month. Customers can specify the limits themselves or generate them automatically using Personal Financial Manager on the basis of past expenditure. On request, customers can receive an e-mail alert when a budget is exceeded.

> Find out more: video overview showing key benefits of Personal Financial Manager (German version)

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